Infor  Dynamic Enterprise Performance Mangement (d/EPM)


Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (Infor d/EPM) delivers business and financial performance management applications with support tools that allow you to centralize your data, build plans tailored to your business, forecast more accurately, analyze your business more effectively—and ultimately gain greater insight, so you can make more informed decisions.

Infor d/EPM (formerly Infor BI) is an integrated business intelligence software designed to help you improve operational insights in order to power better business decisions. It incorporates financial reporting and analysis, dashboards, budgeting, planning, forecasting, data-mining and financial consolidation capabilities

What are the key features of Analytics?
  • Sophisticated multi-dimensional reporting and analysis
  • Unrivalled business intelligence dashboards
  • Pre-built, role-based content
  • Integrated planning and modelling capabilities
  • Web and Excel-based interface for ad-hoc reporting and analysis
What are the benefits of using Analytics?
  • Centralised data provides you with a complete overview of your business
  • Simple integration with your other business applications
  • Packaged analytics content for key business challenges
  • Tailored content for key verticals
  • Prediction and statistical forecasting

What are the key features of Compliance?
  • KPI’s, dashboards and reporting functionality based on users roles
  • Segregation of duties monitoring
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Application security and access monitoring
  • Risk identification

Financial Performance Management key features?
  • Flexible multi-level and multi-scenario budgeting & planning
  • Powerful forecasting and prediction capabilities
  • Both legal and management consolidation of multiple sets of books
  • Multi-currencies and multi-languages support
  • Data entry and publication of reports on the Web