Analogyx BI

Maximize Your ERP Investment by Enabling Prebuilt Analytics

Analogyx BI offers Integrations for every ERP system. Our connector allows you to easily connect to and present your data to all levels of business and technical users without requiring an ERP login.

 Retrieve and gather data from anywhere the data resides — cloud, on-premise, or even Flat Files — for a complete picture of your business.

 Analogyx BI’s powerful GUI-based Drag & Drop data preparation and visual dataflows, powered with machine learning algorithms (AI/ML), allow users to see their data transformed into valuable information. With ABI, you can confidently manage day-to-day operations with intelligent reporting and dashboarding without depending on IT and coding experts.

Financial Analytics

 Manage cash flow with insights to understand what accounts have been received, how much is yet to arrive, what payables are due, and more.

Visualize and analyze your financial data by history and current performance to predict future performance.Analyze cashflow across departments, products, regions, etc.

 Identify your most and least profitable clients, products, and services.Increase profitability through data-driven decisions by simply analyzing and anticipating sales and profit.